Boggart (Forge)

Hit Points 1d2
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value Nil
# Attacks Nil
Weapon Type Nil
Damage Nil
Saving Throws 6+
Speed Walk (1) / Run (2)

Boggarts are tiny humanoids that stand only one foot tall. They are ugly creatures with frizzy, black hair, oversized noses, droopy ears, and leathery skin. Their eyes are sunken, black orbs. Their fingers are hardened claws. They have night vision with a range of 45 feet but can detect the presence of life at 120 feet. This detection allows them to know how many creatures and at what distance, but not the exact type.

As creatures from the magical land of Fey, boggarts have the following magical powers they can use at will. They can read the minds of a humanoid creature at a range of 60 feet to determine their worst fear. They can transform into spiders, centipedes, or snakes (a common or giant variety). The boggart cannot attack in these forms but uses them to scare people. A boggart can produce sounds that may scare or distract people (e.g., creaking doors, footsteps, rattling chains, etc.). They can make these sounds up to a distance of 60 feet. Boggarts can also turn invisible.

These creatures are evil-minded and cruel. They are incapable of speech. They delight in scaring people, especially children.

Boggarts cannot attack or cause injury to creatures but can lure or scare them into dangerous situations.

They are intelligent beings with evil motives that make their dens in houses or buildings inhabited by humanoids. They are destructive by nature and enjoy spoiling food and water, breaking objects, jamming doors or locks, and frightening anyone living in the structure.

Adventurers have only seen adult male boggarts. Sages speculate on whether or not there are female boggarts and if they reproduce.

Boggarts hide in crawlspaces, cabinets, and closets. Their magical talents make it hard to detect and locate them. They are solitary creatures, but sometimes (10%) groups of two to four might work cooperatively to terrorize an area. Their lair might contain small items that they stole.