Booklice (Forge)

Hit Points 3d6
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value Nil
# Attacks Nil
Weapon Type Nil
Damage Nil
Saving Throws 15+
Speed Fly (1)

Booklice are minuscule insects that are dull white, have soft bodies, and possess four wings. The front pair of wings are larger than the hind ones. These insects gather in swarms to eat mold, fungi, grains, insect fragments, paper, and the glue from book bindings. They will go unnoticed, except by a successful search of the area containing them.

When a swarm of booklice infests books, scrolls, or parchments, they cause damage over a long period of time. This damage destroys 10% of the material each month. If allowed to fester long enough, they can completely ruin any book or scroll they encounter. Also, if undetected, unwary adventurers can transport infested books to areas with new materials the insects can devour.

These creatures do not inflict damage, nor do they attack or defend themselves.

A swarm of booklice takes damage from fire (a torch inflicts 1d4 damage per turn), but the swarm is immune to attacks from melee and missile weapons. Spells that are not an area of effect are likewise ineffective. When the swarm reaches 0 hit points, it dies.

Booklice swarms thrive in damp, dark places. Some swarms, with hit points in the hundreds, have been encountered in the remnants of ancient libraries.