Changeling (Forge

Hit Points 2d4
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value 3
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Touch
Damage Special
Saving Throws 12+
Speed Fly (2)

Changelings are fey creatures with no physical form but exist as a colorful, glowing mist about the size of a small cat. The mist floats about, regardless of wind, and never rises more than a few feet off the ground. They can sense living creatures at a range of 100 feet and seek to meld with humanoids.

Melding requires a victim with 15 or fewer hit points and a successful attack by the changeling. This attack requires a d20 attack roll, but the changeling need only strike the victim’s DV2. When a changeling successfully attacks, the victim must make a saving throw vs. magic or be dominated. A dominated victim loses control of their body and mind. The fey creature knows everything the victim knows, including skills, spells, etc., and the changeling can use that knowledge to pretend to be the person it dominates and fool those close to it.

If the victim makes its saving throw, the changeling is repelled and cannot attempt to dominate another victim for one day.

In their mist-like state, changelings are immune to almost all weapons (magical and otherwise), fire, poison, disease, and magical spells. Only silver weapons can cause them damage. Because silver harms them, changelings will not come within 60 feet of a silver weapon or charm when in mist form.

While mist, they cannot speak or communicate. However, while melded with a humanoid, they can converse in any language.

The host can sustain damage and die in the usual ways. If their host body dies, the changeling reverts to its mist-like state and begins its search for a new host.

Unlike other creatures from the Fey, changelings do not have magical spells. They rely on the abilities of the creatures they dominate.

They are intelligent beings who are self-centered and evil-minded.

There is no way to separate a changeling from a host body. But, if the host is incapacitated, imprisoned, or unable to function, a changeling might get bored and leave the host on its own accord. 

Changelings can be male or female. Since they have no physical form, it is impossible to determine their age, but their actions suggest they are immature.

Some cultures have adopted the habit of wearing silver charms to ward off changelings.