Crow (Forge)

Crows are birds with black feathers, long legs, and straight beaks. They have keen eyesight and normal vision, spotting predators and food up to one mile away. They feed on insects, berries, and carrion. They are aggressive hunters but shun fire. They can be held at bay with a torch or other open flame.

Ordinary crows live in temperate climates in almost any terrain. They build their nests in rocky areas or treetops. Giant crows live in swamps and forests.

Males and females have the same characteristics. Young giant crows have one-half the health and damage potential as adult specimens.

Crow, Ordinary

Hit Points 1
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value 0
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Beak
Damage 1
Saving Throws 15+
Speed Walk (1) / Fly (22)

Crows are about ten inches long, with black feathers and beady eyes. Ordinary crows avoid confrontation and combat. If attacked, they peck with their beaks for 1 point of damage, which armor absorbs first. They build nests from sticks and mud.

Crow, Giant

Hit Points 10 +1d6
DV1 / DV2 2 / 2
Attack Value 3
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Beak
Damage 1d6
Saving Throws 12+
Speed Walk (1) / Fly (20)

Giant crows stand two feet tall and are three feet long. They have jet-black feathers and crimson eyes. These large birds attack with their beaks and cause 1d6 damage. 

These birds speak their own language but converse in the Juravian language too. Their vocabulary is limited to one-syllable words. Giant crows are mean-spirited with evil dispositions. They often work with evil humanoids and wizards. Adventurers have witnessed groups of five to thirty.