Ear Mite (Forge)

Hit Points Nil
DV1 / DV2 Nil
Attack Value Nil
# Attacks Nil
Weapon Type Nil
Damage Nil
Saving Throws 15+
Speed Walk (1)

Ear mites are microscopic arachnids that are invisible to the naked eye. They live in rotten wood, mortar, or clay and seek to lay their eggs in warm-blooded hosts. Because they only require casual contact to attach themselves, adventurers may encounter them when listening to doors or sleeping on damp stone.

When an ear mite attacks, it enters the host’s ear canal and buries itself in the skin. Every day, the parasite reproduces offspring and then dies. The cycle continues until the host can destroy the infestation. When inflicted, a host will become aware of a dull ringing in their ear.

The host does not take physical damage from the ringing, but the ringing does cause headaches and dizziness. These irritations reduce the host’s AV by 1 and any skill attempt by 10%.

The host cannot attack an ear mite, but a cure disease spell or an alchemic poultice can destroy them.