Fairy (Forge)

Hit Points 1d2
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value Nil
# Attacks Nil
Weapon Type Nil
Damage Nil
Saving Throws 4+
Speed Walk (1) / Fly (5)

Fairies are tiny humanoids that stand only six inches in height. They appear as beautiful women with silvery wings. Their hair is blonde, red, or gold, and their eyes are emerald green. They have pointed ears and delicate features. Fairies see with normal vision at 100 feet but can also see invisible and hidden creatures within that distance.

These beautiful fairies can speak with animals and humanoid creatures, similar to a jherem. They are secretive and non-combative by nature, avoiding interactions with travelers.

Fairies are one of the only Fey creatures that are good-minded and good-hearted. They use their magic to help those in need but do so from a distance and avoid interactions and complications with humanoids.

Fairies project an aura of friendship. Creatures with 50 or fewer hit points can speak and interact with fairies, but they cannot in any way cause a fairy harm. Friendship prohibits creatures from hurting fairies, but they are not required to help, protect, or speak kindly to them.

As creatures from the magical land of Fey, fairies have the following magical powers they can use once per day. They can restore all a creature’s hit points and stop bleeding wounds. A fairy can cure any ailment (e.g., insanity, disease, blindness, magical curses, etc.) in a single humanoid. They can also dispel any magical effect created by enchantment magic.

A fairy also has enough magical power to grant a single wish, to the fullest extent, to a single humanoid, but granting the wish ends the fairy’s life. A fairy will make such a sacrifice in extreme circumstances (e.g., to stop a great evil, to save thousands of lives, etc.) but never lightly and never without helping the greater good.

Fairies are always adult females. There is a limited number of them in the world. Fairy bones are highly magical and can be used to make potent magical items.

Fairies live in ancient forests far from any humanoid settlements or kingdoms. They enjoy singing and dancing and always do both during full moon cycles. They are solitary creatures and only gather in groups for special lunar festivals.