Gorillagon (Forge)

Hit Points 45 +2d6
DV1 / DV2 5 / 5
Attack Value 7
# Attacks 2 or 1
Weapon Type Beak / Beak or Missile
Damage 2d6+3 / 2d6+3 or 1d8
Saving Throws 12+
Speed Walk (3) / Run (12)

Gorillagons appear very much like gorillas with massive, stocky bodies, but they have two heads that are distinctly bird-like with long, sharp beaks. These monsters move around in a crouched position. They stand nine feet tall, weigh one thousand pounds, and possess thick fur that is either black or dark brown. Gorillagons have night vision with a range of 90 feet. They have primitive intelligence and attack without thought or planning. 

These creatures are proficient at climbing (100%) and observation (60%). Their keen senses also make it difficult to surprise them. Gorillagons are only surprised 30% of the time.

In melee combat, gorillagons attack with both their beaks. Each attack causes 2d6+3 damage. A gorillagon must focus both of these attacks on the same target creature. They can inflict 1d3 points of structural damage per minute.

If employing ranged attacks, a gorillagon can throw rocks, logs, or other missile weapons up to a range of 90 feet. These missile weapons inflict 1d8 damage.

Male and female gorillagons have the same characteristics. Young gorillagons have one-half the health and inflict 2d4 damage with their beak attacks.

Gorillagons live in thick forests and jungles in temperate or tropical climates. They are territorial and attack anything that enters their area. Although encountered in mated pairs, adventurers have reported sightings of more than 6 in a communal area. Gorillagons are carnivorous and eat boar, deer, reptiles, and other large animals. They have a distinct fondness for higmoni flesh and will attack such creatures in preference to others. These monsters are nocturnal and rarely seen outside their lairs during the day.