Hippogriff (Forge)

Hit Points 20 +1d8
DV1 / DV2 2 / 2
Attack Value 4
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Beak
Damage 3d4
Saving Throws 10+
Speed Walk (1) / Run (5) / Fly (35)

Hippogriffs are a strange mutation between horse and hawk. The main body of the beast is a horse, usually brown or black, while the head and feet are birdlike. They also have a pair of wings that allow them to fly at high speeds. Unlike most horses capable of high running speeds, the hippogriff’s clawed feet make it impossible for them to run quickly.

These animals weigh approximately fifteen hundred pounds and can carry up to two hundred and fifty pounds without hindrance.

Like a hawk, a hippogriff’s beak is sharp, and the creature possesses excellent eyesight, capable of detecting movement up to five hundred feet.

When they fight, they use their powerful beaks to inflict 3d4 damage to their enemy.

These animals are aggressive. They are not afraid of fire or strange noises, but they do not like confined areas. Hippogriffs will not travel underground or enter buildings, not even stables.

Hippogriffs prefer to dwell in mountainous or hilly regions and make their dens on secluded ledges. They are carnivorous and hunt warm-blooded creatures such as boar, deer, horses, rabbits, and wolves.

Although rare, animal trainers can train these beasts to serve as a steed. The beast remains loyal as long as it is fed. A starving hippogriff will attack its master.