Ice Lizard (Forge)

Hit Points 60 + 2d8
DV1 / DV2 10 / 10
Attack Value 9
# Attacks 1 or 1
Weapon Type Bite or Breath Weapon
Damage 4d4 or 3d4 (actual)
Saving Throws 6+
Speed Walk (3) / Run (9) / Fly (15)

Ice lizards are twelve-foot reptiles that stand close to four feet at the shoulder and weigh one thousand pounds. They are broad and stocky, covered in dull white scales. They have massive wings that enable them to fly quickly but only for short distances (30 minutes) before tiring. Ice lizards possess night vision with a range of 90 feet. Their senses are keen enough to sense invisible and hidden creatures within 50 feet but not detect their location.

When fighting invisible creatures, an ice lizard suffers only a -5 AV instead of the standard penalty associated with blind fighting.

In combat, ice lizards have two forms of attack. First, they can bite with their massive jaws. The teeth of an ice lizard are long and jagged, inflicting 4d4 damage. Instead of their bite, ice lizards can breathe a burst of frigid, icy air upon a victim standing within 40 feet. This attack requires a d20 attack roll, but the ice lizard need only strike the victim’s DV2. The breath weapon affects a single target and inflicts 3d4 actual damage. It can be employed once every six combat turns.

Besides their attacks, the ice lizard’s body radiates extreme frigid temperatures that cause 1d4 actual damage to all melee combatants each turn. Also, ice lizards are immune to cold and cold-based attacks. They sustain +3 damage (per die inflicted) from all fire-based attacks.

Male and female ice lizards have the same general characteristics, except females produce colder temperatures. Creatures in melee range of a female ice lizard suffer 1d6 actual damage. Young ice lizards have one-half the health and damage potential as adults.

Ice lizards live in the coldest regions of the world. They make their lairs in immense caverns, like their dragon relations. Ice lizards eat sabre wolves, walruses, and other wild beasts. Unlike dragons, however, ice lizards do not collect hordes of treasure. Any treasure found in their lairs is often incidental.

These beasts are the creations of the beast goddess, Marda. They are aggressive and attack without hesitation or provocation. Because of their appearance, some adventurers refer to them as ice dragons.