Jellyfish, Giant (Forge)

Hit Points 20 +1d6
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value 5
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Tentacles
Damage 2d4 (actual)
Saving Throws 12+
Speed Swim (12)

Giant jellyfish, also called sea nettles, are semi-transparent creatures. The creature’s upper portion is bell-shaped, with reddish dots and stripes running down its sides. They reach a diameter of almost twelve feet. Dozens of 15-foot tentacles hang down from underneath this bell. These tentacles enable a jellyfish to sting and capture prey. Giant jellyfish are aggressive and attack fish, crustaceans, and even humanoids. They sense vibrations in the water up to a 40-foot distance and attack potential prey that draws near.

When a giant jellyfish attacks, it uses its tentacles to deliver a poisonous sting. The tentacles attack as a single unit and receive a single d20 attack roll. A successful hit does not cause damage but injects venom into the wound. The victim is required to make a saving throw vs. poison (-2) or suffer 2d4 actual damage.

The tentacles attack each combat turn until the prey escapes or dies. When its prey dies, the giant jellyfish uses its tentacles to retract the corpse to the underside of the bell, where it slowly digests its meal.

Giant jellyfish live in the ocean near shorelines or coral reefs. They can be lone hunters or travel in small groups. Some cultures have found the taste of jellyfish appealing and hunt them.