Leopard (Forge)

Hit Points 25 +1d8
DV1 / DV2 3 / 3
Attack Value 4
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Claw / Claw / Bite
Damage 1d6 / 1d6 / 2d4
Saving Throws 12+
Speed Walk (3) / Run (15) / Sprint (30)

Leopards are felines that are three feet high and weigh around 100 pounds. They have short legs, long bodies, and a large skull. Their jaws are muscular, enabling them to kill much larger prey. Their sleek bodies are covered with golden fur and black spots. They are excellent at climbing (100%) and capable jumpers. A leopard can leap up to 20 feet forward.

A leopard has massive claws and a powerful bite. Its claws inflict 1d6 damage per attack, and its bite causes 2d4 damage. If a leopard leaps at a potential victim, it may only use the bite attack that combat turn but receives a +4 AV bonus.

Leopards live in grassy plains, deserts, or tangled woods. They are nocturnal hunters that feed mainly on boar, deer, rabbits, and other wildlife. They will attack humanoids only if hungry or threatened. Females and males have the same general characteristics. Young leopards have one-half the health and damage potential as their adult parents. Leopard fur is valuable. A skilled furrier can sell the pelt of a full-grown leopard for 10 gold coins.