Leprechaun (Forge)

Hit Points 1d2
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value 1
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Weapon
Damage Special
Saving Throws 9+
Speed Walk (1) / Run (2) / Fly (3)

Leprechauns are tiny humanoids that stand 6 inches tall. They wear clothes of brown or green with black boots. Their hair is fiery red, and they have thick beards. Leprechauns are adept at hiding (95%) and moving silently (90%). They have night vision with a range of 80 feet.

As creatures from the Fey, leprechauns can speak with animals. They speak their own language, and sometimes (20%) know gnome or sprite.

Deceptive by nature, leprechauns use magic to confuse, lure, and dupe humanoids. They can cast the following magical spells once per day. They can transform into a small animal (similar to the third level Beast mage spell, Minor Shifting) and remain transformed for one hour. They can create an illusion of a creature or creatures with no more than 50 hit points that appear within 60 feet. The illusion is complete with visual, audio, and olfactory elements and lasts for 3d6 minutes or until struck by an attack. They can also cast ventriloquism to make their voice seem to come from another location up to a range of 60 feet.

Leprechauns are intelligent beings with selfish motives. They are mischievous and enjoy playing pranks on humanoids that pass nearby. They enjoy drinking, food, and music and, if bribed, will engage in conversation and perhaps barter.

These fey creatures are tinkers and repair specialists, able to repair armor and weapons that have sustained any amount or type of damage. They barter these services for gold coins, ale, beer, or candy. Their repairs are magical and do not require kits.

Leprechauns are non-combative by nature. If attacked, they run away. If they cannot escape, they use weapons (needles, sticks, or other small things) in melee combat. Their weapons cause 1 point of damage, which is absorbed by armor first.

Male and female leprechauns have the same general characteristics. There are no young leprechauns.

These creatures live in grasslands and prairies. Groups of leprechauns will gather to drink and sing songs. They make their lairs in giant mushrooms, dense patches of flowers, or hollow logs.