Lurker (Forge)

Hit Points 8  +1d4
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value 2
# Attacks 2
Weapon Type Fist /  Fist
Damage 1d2 / 1d2
Saving Throws 7+
Speed Walk (3) / Run (9)

Lurkers are humanoid creatures that are distantly related to the nagdu. They are about five feet tall and weigh close to ninety pounds. Their bodies are thin and covered with hardened leather patches of skin. Their faces are lean with sunken eyes and tight, stretched mouths.

These monsters, like the nagdu, can mutate their bodies, but lurkers can only take on the appearance of a bipedal humanoid between five and seven feet in height. The mutation is flawless and is undetectable except by magical means. It takes a lurker nearly 72 hours to transform. Like the jherem, they have an ability that allows them to communicate in any language. Lurkers see with night vision at a range of 60 feet.

These monsters are very sly and cowardly by nature. They most often infiltrate a large group of humanoids, such as a village or town, and, once acclimated, quietly live among the humanoids. They avoid combat whenever possible, choosing to kill the elderly or newborns to survive. When forced into combat, they use their two fists to inflict damage. Each attack causes 1d2 damage.

Lurkers can don armor and weapons to help with the masquerade, but they dislike the former, as it irritates their skin, and they have no skill in the latter. When using weapons, lurkers have a 0 AV.

Lurkers are evil-minded creatures. They eat the hearts of freshly killed humanoids, requiring one or so a month to survive. They often live within humanoid societies. Although capable of mimicking the appearance of different races, they do not acquire the racial benefits or detriments of a particular race. Because of this, they most often take a human form. When a lurker dies, it takes 1d2+10 hours for its body to return to its unaltered form.