Barracuda (Forge)

Barracuda, Giant

Hit Points 20 + 1d8
DV1 / DV2 3 / 3
Attack Value 5
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Bite
Damage 2d6
Saving Throws 11+
Speed Swim (20)

Giant barracuda are aggressive fish that are nine feet long. They have smooth scales and razor-sharp teeth. They remain stationary and wait for prey, gaining surprise 90% of the time. They chase wounded prey for up to a mile.

When attacking, a giant barracuda charges its prey and delivers a powerful bite that inflicts 2d6 damage. The fish can only attack every other combat minute, as it must maneuver and turn to charge and bite again.

Attacking a giant barracuda from outside the water is impossible with weapons as the water mitigates the damage. Victims who attack a barracuda in the water suffer the detriments associated with underwater combat.

These aggressive fish thrive in salt water, usually near coral reefs. They feed on all types of fish but will attack humanoids as well. They are solitary creatures and are attracted to the scent of blood.