Skills (Forge)

Venture forth into the untamed wilds where chaos reigns supreme, and emerge as masters of your destiny with the latest skills for Forge: Out of Chaos! These new abilities are your keys to unlocking mysteries and conquering the ever-shifting landscapes of adventure. Ready your dice, for your journey into legend begins now!


Bash – With this skill, a character bashes a melee victim with his shoulder. The bash requires a d20 attack roll with only the user’s strength modifier (if any) for his attack value. If the attack is successful, the victim sustains 1d2 damage and falls backward 1d6 feet. Also, if the victim fails a 3d6 dexterity check, they become disorientated. For the next 1d2 combat turns, the victim suffers a -2 AV, and all attacks strike their DV2. Bash attacks only work against smaller opponents. Larger humanoids can bash man-sized or smaller victims, but a sprite, for example, could not use the skill on a ghantu. A bash attack is done instead of any other attack.

Haggling – Haggling is a skill used to negotiate the price of items with a total equal to or greater than 50 gold coins. A person skilled in haggling receives a 5% price discount. A character with the charisma skill gains an additional 5% discount. Any racial tensions or dislikes can affect the skill as determined by the game master.

Lying – When proficient at this talent, a person can lie without raising any doubt in their statements. The skill also masks the character’s emotions, which negates a sprite’s ability to detect a lie. Although the lying skill can fool ordinary humanoids and sprites, even the most proficient liar cannot fool magical spells.

Slash – The slash skill enables a warrior to get one extra attack with his one-handed weapon against a DV2 opponent. It requires a d20 roll to hit, but the warrior is considered a 0 AV. Strength modifiers and skill levels do not apply. Also, the weapon only inflicts one-half damage, as it is not a full-force blow but rather a quick, awkward slash. Slash attacks do not qualify for credits toward skill advancement. If a character is skilled in two hand melee, they are still entitled to only one slash attack per combat round.


Furrier (INT + DEX) – The furrier skill enables a character to remove the pelts of wild animals and monsters to sell for profit. The character must roll a furrier skill attempt. A success indicates the removal did not damage the pelt. The pelt retains 100% of its value. Failure results in damage to the pelt. Damaged pelts sell for 1d6x10% of their total value. The skill requires a knife.

Intimidation (STR x2) – When a character enters combat with one or more opponents, they can use their size, strength, and appearance to frighten their enemies. A successful skill attempt results in a -2 AV penalty to all melee opponents (DV1 and DV2) for the duration of the combat. New opponents that engage with the character must be likewise intimidated to be affected. Creatures that are immune to fear and those with more than 30 hit points are unaffected by this skill. The skill requires one combat turn to use. When a character with the intimidation skill is subjected to intimidation by another creature, they are entitled to a saving throw vs. fear to avoid the effects.

Tumbling (DEX x2) – The tumbling skill helps a character reduce the damage sustained from a fall. When a character falls from a height of 30 feet or less, they are entitled to make a skill attempt. If successful, the character suffers no damage. Even if the roll fails, the falling damage is one-half the amount. The skill offers no benefit to a character falling more than 30 feet.