Benefits & Detriments (Forge)

Venture into the vast realms of the Forge: Out of Chaos, where the brave thrive and the bold are forged. Discover new horizons with an array of fresh benefits that will empower your characters like never before, granting them the might to conquer the untamed wilds. But beware, for with great power comes new detriments, ready to test the mettle of even the most seasoned adventurers. Are you ready to redefine heroism and carve your legacy amidst the chaos?


(+2) Sorcery – Sorcery increases the amount of spell points a wizard regenerates with each night of sleep by +8; a wizard with this benefit regains 28 spell points per night instead of the standard 20.

(+2) Stability –Stability increases the person’s accuracy with missiles or thrown weapons by adding a +1 AV modifier.

(+1) Wizardry – Spell casters with this benefit may cast spells one level higher than their insight score allows. Thus, a wizard with a 10 insight could cast up to fifth level spells.


(-1) Fear of Snakes – A character has a dreadful fear of snakes and receives a -4 AV when battling snakes of any kind.

(-1) Fear of Spiders – A character has a dreadful fear of spiders and receives a -4 AV when battling arachnids.(-1) Fear of Undead – A character suffering from this detriment has a dreadful fear of undead and receives a -4 AV when battling undead.