The History of Juravia

It all started with the supreme god, Enigwa. Enigwa created everything that exists. He fashioned the worlds, the spaces between them, the foundations of magic, and the outer planes that lurk beyond understanding. He then created his most precious world, Juravia. He shaped the mountains. He manicured the forests. He exhumed the oceans and the seas. He molded the riverbanks. He planted the flowers. He made the animals and set them loose to roam his world. Then, he created the godlings, his children, with whom to share the expanses of his creation. He blessed them with talents of power, curiosity, and determination, setting them loose into the endless reaches to explore and marvel at his genius. And, while his children roamed the vast reaches, Enigwa created the creatures called Men (humans) and gave them Juravia on which to thrive and multiply.

It was with these creatures, the humans, that Enigwa became most enamored. He called them his most special creations and watched as they explored his world, enjoying its beauty and splendor. They marveled at every mountain. They rejoiced in the nuisances of changing leaves and seasons. They admired the beauty of the trees and the formidable depths of the oceans. They praised the blessings of their creator. Within this utopia setting where no evil or monsters roamed, men multiplied.

Slowly, one by one, the godlings returned to Juravia. They heard Enigwa praise the humans’ gifts and ingenuity. They heard him admire their strengths and their resilience. They heard him call them his most incredible creations. Some were happy. Some were not. Some grew jealous and spiteful. Some wanted them destroyed. But, while Enigwa watched, they all watched with him and waited.

Then Enigwa announced that he was leaving. He would be gone, creating other worlds, other planes. He gave his godlings a single directive – Watch over and protect the humans of Juravia. And then he was gone.

It was then that several of the godlings, the most jealous, began to scheme. Schemes that would forever transform the landscapes of Juravia, forever change its design, and forever alter the fate of Men.