The Map Archives

Deep within the vaults of the Dungeon Architect can be found the endless archives of the ever prolific Architect. Here we find those treasures that have been secreted away from under his ever watchful eyes…

The Map Archives contain unique, tantalizing locations that can be plugged into any campaign setting. They are not written for any specific RPG system, making them a perfect tool for crafting adventures.

Beast of Thelsdain Manor

It started one stormy night at Thelsdain Manor, as the manor lord and his wife held a festive party. Many guests were in attendance. There was food, wine, laughter, and merriment. Then, without warning, a monstrous beast appeared in the grand hall. There were no survivors. Is there anyone brave enough to visit the house and uncover the secret of the Beast of Thelsdain Manor?

Where Evil Lurks

The people thought Bulman Phog was strange and avoided him. They spoke about him in hushed whispers. They wondered what was happening in his remote workshop. When people in the village went missing, they immediately blamed him. They stormed his workshop and trapped him inside. In the chaos that ensued, no one can precisely remember the details, but Bulman Phog disappeared. Neither he nor the missing villagers were found, not a body, not a trace.

The Outpost

A sprawling swampland contains dangerous predators, pesky bugs, and creepy crawlers. A kingdom built a long road through the swamps called the Low Road. Near the center of the 50-mile road stands an underground complex called the Outpost. Once the Low Road became unused, the Outpost became the lair of wild monsters, the occasional hideout of thieves, or the stopping point for travelers, merchants, soldiers, and adventurers.

The Sisters’ Abbey

A rundown building stands along a road that connects a river town with a few highland communities. The building was a church but now serves as an abbey for several women. The lands are dangerous, and the women in the abbey need help. Who is brave enough to help them?

Welcome to My Parlor

You spent the last few days regaling the people of a small village with tales of your exploits. A group of five teenagers, wanting to emulate you, explored a nearby ruin. Only one of them returned. They say a giant, furry, black spider captured their friends, and they need your help. Are you ready to save the children and prove you are as great as you say?

Murders in the Shallows

There have been three murders in the Shallows, a seedier, low-income portion of the port city, this last week. The Shallows are known for their narrow streets, dirty alleyways, and dark corners. The storefronts have apartments over them. The cobblestone streets have lamplights at every corner, but the lamplighters rarely light more than a fourth of the lanterns. The governor needs someone to solve these mysterious deaths. Are you up for the challenge?

The River Rat

The River Rat is a large three-story tavern built on the banks of the winding, lazy Dulthorn River. Bar fights are commonplace. Gambling occurs regularly. Thievery is frequent. Over the years, the River Rat has gained a bawdy and rowdy reputation. A reputation that it relishes and deserves. Come and stay for a night. It’s an adventure.

The Crone of Cantermoor

A horrible witch is terrorizing the countryside with her evil necromancy. Her roving bands of ghouls feast on the helpless, and her horrid abominations capture victims, returning them to her lair for foul purposes. Can someone stop the witch’s evil and bring peace to the land?

The Tower on the Hill

Stories of a benevolent sorceress have been told by barkeeps to their patrons and by parents to their children for nearly a decade. Her magic kept evil at bay, basking the region in protection and prosperity. One fateful night, her tower erupted into blue flames. In the morning, demons infested the lands surrounding her tower. What happened to the sorceress? No one knows for certain, but someone must find out.