Forge: Out of Chaos

Adventurer’s Wanted!

Within the pages of this tome waits a forgotten world. It was once a paradise but is no longer! Once beautiful landscapes are now swamps, desolate wastes and jagged mountains. The calm and gentle rain has turned to fierce storms of fire and ice. Nothing of paradise survived the Banishment.

Not even the gods.

The world is now plagued with monsters. These hideous creatures survived the Banishment, hidden in secret lairs beneath the mountains. Slowly they have returned, devouring hapless travelers, soldiers and small frontier villages. Luckily, heroes have begun to emerge as well! Wielding magic and steel, they hunt these beasts. Battles are fought! Blood is spilled!

Lives are lost! And courage is put to the test!

Come join these heroes! Stand face to fangs with the most gruesome creatures ever encountered! Only your bravery, your skills and your cunning will determine the outcome. That is, if you’re brave enough to open…

Forge: Out of Chaos

Fantasy Role-Playing System

  • Choose from 11 detailed races including the Ghantu, Higmoni, Dwarf and Dunnar!
  • Select proficiences such as Final Blow, Field Repair, Assassination, Mounted Combat, and Blind Fighting!
  • No more arbitrary experience points! The more you use a skill, the better you get!
  • Realistic combat mechanics! Armor that can be destroyed! Two separate defensive values!
  • More than 70 monsters including such beasts as the Cavasha, Mulkrog, Tenant, and Tursk.
  • Six types of wizards! Each spell has countless variations! No two mages are ever alike!
  • Contains information and hints for first time Players and Referees!