Boar (Forge)

Boars are cloven-hoofed animals with long snouts, which they use to dig in loose soil for roots and other edible plants. Their heads are overly large. They have dark brown fur that is bristly on top and smoother underneath. Male boars possess tusks they use for damaging prey. Female boars tend to be smaller and less bulky. They do not have tusks but maintain the aggressive nature of their male counterparts.

These animals are omnivores. They feed on fallen fruit, nuts, acorns, and small animals. Giant boars hunt big animals and will even attack humanoids.

When boars enter combat, their first instinct is to charge and trample their adversaries underneath their stocky weight. The boar must be at least 20 feet from its target and make a successful d20 attack roll against its victim’s DV 2. The type of boar determines the amount of actual damage it inflicts.

Boars are usually found in temperate climates, keeping to swamps, forests, and grasslands.

Female boars are not as stocky as their male counterparts. They have the same general characteristics but inflict one-half the listed damage.


Hit Points 15 +1d4
DV1 / DV2 2 / 2
Attack Value 2
# Attacks 1 or 1
Weapon Type Tusks or Trample
Damage 1d4 or 2d4 (actual)
Saving Throws 13+
Speed Walk (3) / Run (12) / Sprint (21)

Boars are 3 feet tall and weigh 220 pounds. They have thick hides and bristly hair, which provide them with natural defenses. They possess night vision. Their poor eyesight limits their visual range to only 45 feet.

A boar’s successful charge and trample attack inflicts 2d4 actual damage and stuns its victim for 1d2 combat turns.

When the animal fights in melee range, the boar uses its tusks to inflict 1d4 damage.

Some cultures have domesticated the boar to use as guardians, hunting animals, or pets. Furriers have learned that the pelt of a fully-grown boar is worth 15 gold coins.

Boar, Giant

Hit Points 25 +1d6
DV1 / DV2 4 / 4
Attack Value 4
# Attacks 1 or 1
Weapon Type Tusks or Trample
Damage 2d4 or 4d4 (actual)
Saving Throws 10+
Speed Walk (4) / Run (15) / Sprint (24)

The giant boar is a much larger cousin to the boar. They stand four feet high and weigh roughly 500 pounds. Their keen olfactory senses grant them the tracking skill (65%). The eyesight of the giant boar is weak, limiting their night vision to only 30 feet.

A giant boar’s successful charge and trample attack inflicts 4d4 actual damage and stuns its victim for 1d4 combat turns.

When engaged in melee combat, the giant boar flails with its tusks. A successful hit inflicts 2d4 damage. Worse still, the animal gores any victim who falls unconscious. This attack is similar to the final blow skill and instantly kills the victim.

Giant boars are solitary creatures. The pelt of a fully-grown specimen is worth 40 gold coins.