Cave Urchin (Forge)

Hit Points 40 +2d10
DV1 / DV2 10 / 10
Attack Value 6
# Attacks Special
Weapon Type Quills
Damage Special
Saving Throws 7+
Speed Walk (1) / Run (2)

Cave urchins are creatures with thick, durable shells. They are four feet tall, two feet wide, and three feet long. Their bodies are hidden within their dingy-colored shell. Sharp quills of various lengths stick outward from the shell to provide additional protection from predators. Because these creatures live in darkness, they have developed heat vision with a 60-foot range.

These creatures avoid combat. When forced to defend themselves, they shoot their spikes outward, like a crossbow. These spikes have a maximum range of 30 feet. At such a distance, victims sustain 1d4 damage. At a range of 20 feet, the spikes inflict 1d6 damage. In melee range, they do 1d8. Like a crossbow, this damage inflicts one point to available armor and the remainder to hit points. An urchin has 20+2d6 spikes that it can shoot, and it may fire up to 5 spikes per turn at various targets and distances. Each spike requires a d20 attack roll against a target’s DV2.

Their shells are so durable that any non-magical weapon that strikes the creature sustains one notch.

There are no male or female cave urchins. The creatures are asexual. Young cave urchins have one-half the health and spikes as a full-grown specimen.

Cave urchins live in caverns and dungeons. They wander about gathering coins, gems, and small objects of metal and wood into their shells and then slowly, over many months, dissolve the items and digest the minerals. Adventuring groups sometimes attack cave urchins to steal whatever treasure the urchin has gathered. Once an urchin is dead, it requires a strength score of at least 10.5, a prying object, and several minutes of hard labor to break open an urchin’s shell and access its potential treasure.