Chalma (Forge)

Hit Points 2 +1d4
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value Nil
# Attacks Nil
Weapon Type Nil
Damage Nil
Saving Throws 6+
Speed Walk (1) / Fly (15)

Chalma are small birds with wingspans of several inches and that weigh less than a pound. Their feathers are silver, and their tiny eyes are pale blue. They have keen eyesight and can see up to distances of 200 feet with night vision.

These birds abhor violence and avoid conflict and areas where conflicts occur. They have no method for attacking or defending themselves. They are attracted to good-minded creatures and creatures of goodwill. If a chalma determines humanoids to be friendly, the chalma will follow them from place to place and remain close by.

Beneficial by nature, they radiate luck in a 60-foot radius. Any humanoid in the area receives a +4 modifier to all saving throws. This benefit remains for as long as the chalma remains in the area.

If humanoids are hostile or if they perform evil or self-serving actions, a chalma will leave immediately. If a chalma is caged, the luck it radiates turns sour and causes all humanoids within a 60-foot radius to suffer a -2 modifier to all saving throws.

Shalmar, the life goddess, created the chalma, and they are relatives to the shonril. They are rare birds, and only a few hundred exist. All encountered chalma are adult females.

Chalma live in forests and grasslands in temperate climates. They eat berries and nuts. Chalma are attracted to the music of skilled musicians.