Coffin Flies (Forge)

Hit Points 3d6
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value nil
# Attacks nil
Weapon Type nil
Damage nil
Saving Throws 15+
Speed Fly (2)

Coffin flies are a swarm of gnat-sized insects that feed on decaying flesh. They do not have a physical attack and cannot inflict damage; however, when their host is disturbed, they emerge and swarm the area.

When swarming, all creatures in a 10-foot radius around the host suffer -2 AV penalties, -20% skill attempt modifiers, and cannot cast spells unless they make a successful saving throw vs. fear. The saving throw must be made each time a spell is attempted.

The swarm takes damage from fire (a torch inflicts 1d4 damage per turn), but the swarm is immune to attacks from melee and missile weapons. Spells that are not an area of effect are likewise ineffective. When the swarm reaches 0 hit points, it dies. The best way to disperse a swarm is to burn the host’s body. A swarm that disperses will seek the nearest host creature to inhabit.

Coffin flies are annoying creatures that thrive in graveyards, crypts, and battlefields. Sometimes, they attach to undead monsters (e.g., zombies and muldogs) or corpses within dungeons or catacombs.