Coyote (Forge)

Hit Points 10 +1d4
DV1 / DV2 1 / 1
Attack Value 2
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Bite
Damage 1d4+1
Saving Throws 13+
Speed Walk (2) / Run (20)

A coyote is a canine with an average length of three feet and weighs about forty-five pounds. The animal’s fur is typically gray, reddening near the muzzle and feet, while the underbelly is white. These canines are aggressive hunters, proficient trackers (75%),  and stalk their prey for hours before giving up chase.

In combat, a coyote attacks with a bite that inflicts 1d4+1 damage. These animals tend to hunt in pairs. However, groups of coyotes work together to take down larger animals. Coyotes always try to attack a victim’s DV2.

Coyotes live in rocky terrain but may wander into civilized areas to rummage gardens and kill livestock. They are generally carnivorous and eat small mammals but will also eat vegetables, carrion, birds, and snakes. Coyotes travel in groups ranging from 2 to 12. They are afraid of fire and avoid it when possible.

Male and female coyotes have the same general characteristics. Young pups have 1d4+1 hit points and inflict 1d2 damage with their bite.

Furriers often hunt coyotes for their fur. The pelt of a full-grown coyote is worth 3 gold coins.