Crawler (Forge)

Hit Points 10 + 1d6
DV1 / DV2 3 / 3
Attack Value 2
# Attacks 2
Weapon Type Claw / Claw
Damage 1d4 / 1d4
Saving Throws 12+
Speed Walk (1) / Run (5) / Swim (6)

Crawlers are humanoids that have crab-like features. They stand about four feet tall and weigh sixty pounds. Instead of hands, their arms end in pincer claws, and two eyestalks protrude from their oval heads. Their feet are webbed, which limits their movement on land but propels them quickly in the water. Their skin is hard, almost shell-like, providing a natural defense. They also possess night vision with a range of 60 feet. Crawlers have lungs and gills, allowing them to breathe air and water.

They are carnivorous, evil-minded, and cruel. They attack small boats in force, attempting to drag victims beneath the water to kill and devour them. Sometimes, they will raid seaside communities.

These creatures attack with their pincer hands in melee combat. Each attack inflicts 1d4 damage. Adapted for underwater travel, they do not suffer penalties associated with water combat. They do not wear armor, nor do they carry shields.

They speak their own language, but a crawler can converse in goblin, geleb, lizardman, and ratmen. They negotiate with other humanoids to form loose alliances and settle disputes. Crawlers never keep their promises and break agreements when it best suits them.

Crawlers have developed societies ruled by clan lords. These lords fight for domination among their societies and other humanoid societies, whether on land or underwater.

Clan lords are strong and inflict +1 damage with their pincers. They have twice the hit points as ordinary crawlers. Their shells are thicker, granting them +1 DV1 and DV2 modifiers.

A clan lord will always lead an army of several hundred crawlers. They often use sunken ships or underwater caves as their lairs. The lair of a crawler clan lord contains plundered treasure.

Crawlers have domesticated marine animals to use as military agents and defenders. It is possible to find sharks and moray eels in the ranks of crawler armies or guarding their lord’s lair.

Male and female crawlers have the same general characteristics, except females have thinner shells, giving them a 2 DV1 and DV2. Young crawlers have one-half the health and damage potential as adult specimens.

Crawlers are cunning and savage. They live in saltwater oceans, often in communities built far beneath the water.