Criton (Forge)

Hit Points 1
DV1 / DV2 1 / 1
Attack Value Nil
# Attacks Nil
Weapon Type Quills
Damage 1
Saving Throws 14+
Speed Walk (1)

Critons are small, hard-shelled reptiles, about seven inches in diameter. Their appearance is similar to a tortoise, except their shells are narrower and covered with spiny brambles. Because of their timid nature, they are always (100%) hidden from view, and only characters that successfully use the observation skill can detect their presence.

These animals do not possess any means of aggressive combat; however, creatures that step (or fall) upon the thorny shells of a criton sustain 1 point of damage, which armor absorbs first, and must make a saving throw vs. poison (+2) or become lethargic for 1d6 hours. This lethargy reduces a victim’s AV by 1 and any skill attempt by 25%.

Critons thrive in dense underbrush and moss-rich environments. They are herbivores, eating moss, mold, and plants and burrow under piles of damp leaves, molds, or other growths to hide. Groups of one to ten can live in the same area.