Donkey (Forge)

Hit Points 10 +1d4
DV1 / DV2 1 / 1
Attack Value 1
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Kick
Damage 1d4+2
Saving Throws 13+
Speed Walk (3) / Run (15)

Donkeys are sturdy, long-eared animals. They are dark gray in color. The animals stand roughly four feet high and weigh nearly six hundred pounds. They are reliable pack animals and may carry up to one hundred and fifty pounds for a distance of ten miles per day. Donkeys are surefooted and can travel in rocky terrain and dungeons without difficulty. They are less afraid of smells and noises than horses. Donkeys will avoid open flames but will not run from fire.

These animals avoid combat when possible. If threatened, they can kick creatures behind them for 1d4+2 damage.

Wild donkeys live on the plains, hills, and deserts. They eat grass, berries, and other plants. Many cultures have domesticated donkeys to use as pack animals. Female donkeys are weaker than male donkeys and can only carry one hundred pounds of gear.