Drakling (Forge)

Hit Points 8 + 1d2
DV1 / DV2 2 / 2
Attack Value 2
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Bite
Damage 1d4
Saving Throws 8+
Speed Walk (1) / Run (3) / Fly (6)

Draklings are miniature dragons, reaching a length of one foot and weighing one pound. Green, black, red, or brown scales cover their bodies. They have wings and sharp teeth. Their keen eyesight allows them to detect hidden creatures or objects within 50 feet and invisible creatures or objects within a 20-foot range. Draklings see with night vision at 120 feet.

A drakling bites prey. The attack inflicts 1d3 damage. The total damage inflicted by a drakling is deducted by armor when applicable.

Some cultures have domesticated the drakling, treating them like cultures might treat a house cat. Animal handlers can train recently hatched draklings.

Male and female draklings have the same general characteristics. Young draklings have one-half the health and damage potential as adult draklings.

These tiny carnivorous dragons aggressively hunt rodents, lizards, spiders, insects, and other small animals. Although they do not hunt gremlins, evilings, or other pests, such creatures stay away from draklings and avoid areas where draklings inhabit.

Draklings live in hills, mountains, and dark woodlands. A drakling nest will contain a mated pair of adults and 1d2 young (50%) or 1d2 eggs (50%). Drakling eggs are valuable and worth 10 gold coins apiece.