Eagle (Forge)

Eagles are birds of prey with heavy heads and hooked beaks. They have long, broad wings. Their feathers are light brown, dark brown, or black. Eagles have keen eyesight and can spot small creatures up to a mile away. They are vigilant animals and are only surprised 20% of the time. They also gain surprise 80% of the time.

These birds of prey are carnivorous and hunt during the day. Eagles eat rabbits, squirrels, birds, and reptiles. They do not attack humanoids except in self defense.

Male and female eagles share the same general characteristics. Females are more aggressive at defending their nests and young. When young eagles are in danger, female eagles gain a +2 modifier to their AV and damage potential.

Eagles live in temperate climates and make their nests in tall trees, cliff faces, and mountains. Their nests will be near water where food is abundant, and provide visibility of the surrounding areas.  


Hit Points 1d3
DV1 / DV2 1 / 1
Attack Value 2
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Talons
Damage 1d3
Saving Throws 15+
Speed Walk (1) / Fly (30)

An eagle is a small avian with a wingspan of five feet. They weigh about ten pounds.

When an eagle attacks, it swoops down on unsuspecting prey and then flies away. Its talons inflict 1d3 damage per turn on a successful hit. Victims receive a -2 AV penalty when trying to strike back due to the eagle’s speed. An eagle can only attack every other turn as it swoops down and then returns to the air for another pass. If an eagle is forced to fight in melee combat, it cannot inflict damage.

Eagles are solitary creatures or with a mate. A nest may contain 1d2 eggs or young eagles. Young eagles have one-half the health of their parents and cannot fight.

Eagle, Giant

Hit Points 15 +1d6
DV1 / DV2 2 / 2
Attack Value 3
# Attacks 1 or 1
Weapon Type Talons or Beak
Damage 2d4 or 1d6
Saving Throws 14+
Speed Walk (1) / Fly (45)

Giant eagles are massive birds of prey that have wingspans of more than twenty feet and weigh thirty pounds.

These great birds attack by swooping down at their victims with their talons and then swooping away. This attack inflicts 2d4 damage and the victim receives a -2 AV penalty when trying to strike back. A giant eagle may only attack once every other turn as it swoops down, attacks, and flies back up to prepare again. If an eagle is forced to fight on the ground, the beast can peck with its sharp beak for 1d6 damage.

These animals are found either as solitary creatures or with a mate. In the latter case, there can be 1d3 eggs or young too. Young giant eagles have the same characteristics as ordinary adult eagles. Stories suggest that giant eagles will help defend sprites and elves from aggressive predators. The feathers of a giant eagle can be harvested and sold for 3 gold coins apiece.