Eel, Electric (Forge)

Hit Points 15 +1d6
DV1 / DV2 1 / 1
Attack Value Nil
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Shock
Damage 1d6 (actual)
Saving Throws 13+
Speed Swim (10)

Electric eels have long cylindrical bodies that are six feet long and weigh twenty pounds. They have a black coloration on top and orange or yellow splotches underneath. Their lungs hold enough oxygen to stay submerged for 20 minutes. After that, they must rise and gulp air from the surface.

These eels produce electric shocks to use both in hunting and defense. They are immune to electrical-based attacks.

When attacking melee victims, eels discharge electricity at their enemy. The attack does not require a d20 attack roll, and the electricity automatically causes 1d6 actual damage to the victim. Once a victim dies, the electric eel feeds by tearing small pieces from the carrion.

Electric eels live in freshwater rivers, swamps, and marshlands. They generally eat fish and small mammals but attack humanoids that wander too close. These creatures tend to cluster in small groups that range from two to ten, but people have encountered larger clusters.