Eviling (Forge)

Hit Points 1d2
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value 0
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Weapon Type
Damage 1
Saving Throws 14+
Speed Walk (1) / Run (2)

Evilings are tiny humanoids of only six inches in height. They are creatures from the magical land of Fey. Many believe they are distant relatives to the boggart or pixie. They are creatures of pure evil thoughts that delight in the torture of humanoids. Evilings have pale skin. Their eyes are black, and their bodies are hairless and often deformed. They are exceptional at hiding (100%) and surprise victims 75% of the time. They possess night vision with a range of 60 feet.

Once per day, evilings possess the ability to cause sleepiness in humanoids. When evilings spot a lone traveler, they attempt to put the victim to sleep. This attack does not require a d20 roll, but the victim must make a saving throw vs. mind or fall into a coma-like slumber for 2d6 hours. The saving throw receives a -1 modifier for every five evilings in the vicinity (-4 maximum). The attack is considered a mind attack and only works on humanoids with less than 20 hit points.

If the sleep attack works, the evilings destroy items the victim is carrying. They cut holes into leather sacks, notch weapons, ruin armor, pour out oil, break arrows, spoil water and food, etc. In addition, they steal coins, gems, and other small items that they can carry back to their lair. Lastly, these monsters inflict hundreds of tiny cuts and wounds upon the victim, causing 2d8 actual damage. When (and if) the victim awakes, he is wounded and devoid of items. If a victim does not fall asleep or has companions, these monsters ignore the victim and await a more suitable target.

When forced to defend themselves, these tiny humanoids use small sticks and pins as weapons. The weapons inflict 1 point of damage, which armor absorbs first, to creatures with 6 or fewer (maximum) hit points. The damage caused by such weapons is insignificant to creatures with 6 or more (maximum) hit points. 

Adventurers have only seen adult males and females. Sages speculate on whether or not they reproduce.

Evilings live in forests, swamps, or underground. They chase mice or small rats away and steal their warrens to use as their lairs. They are cowardly and will not engage any creature in combat, not even a dog or hunting bird.