Gremlin (Forge)

Hit Points 1 +1d2
DV1 / DV2 0 / 0
Attack Value 0
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Weapon
Damage 1
Saving Throws 16+
Speed Walk (1) / Run (2)

Gremlins are evil-minded, cruel humanoids that stand one foot tall. They are thin and odd-looking with large, pointed ears, big noses, small mouths, and gangly bodies. Their skin is dark green, having a lighter hue around their faces and hands. Their eyes are light green. Gremlins are cowardly alone but are brazen in groups. They have keen eyesight and night vision with a range of 100 feet.

These mischievous creatures possess a variety of thievery skills including climbing (75%), move silently (65%), hiding (80%), and pick pockets (75%). These skills and their size allow them to gain surprise 80% of the time.

When fighting, gremlins use small weapons to cause damage in melee combat. They use sticks, rocks, and the like to inflict 1 point of damage. The damage is deducted from armor first. They will attack if confronted, but gremlins prefer to cause mischief.

These monsters enjoy breaking items (e.g., bow strings, water skins, lanterns, etc.). They delight in causing fear, terror, and misery. They steal babies from cribs, kill livestock, scare off horses or mules, and defile food stores or drinkable water.

Gremlins live in grasslands, forests, and swamps. These nocturnal creatures are nomadic but band together in groups. They are carnivorous and hunt small animals or rob from hunter’s traps. During the day, they sleep in mossy crags, hollow logs, or the underground borrows of small animals they chase away.

These evil creatures are from the magical plane of Fey and are akin to fairies, pixies, brownies, and the like. Males and females have the same characteristics. Young gremlins have never been seen. They speak their own language, and some (30%) know goblin.