Gricket (Forge)

Hit Points 8 + 2d4
DV1 / DV2 1 / 1
Attack Value 1
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Bite
Damage 1d4
Saving Throws 16+
Speed Walk (3) / Run (6) / Fly (10)

Grickets are huge insects that reach a length of six feet and stand about three feet at the shoulder. They are black and can weigh between forty and sixty pounds. Grickets have a similar appearance to a grasshopper or cricket. They have long, sleek bodies and powerful jumping legs. They also possess a small pair of wings that provide flight, but they cannot fly more than one turn out of every ten. With these short spurts, a gricket can move its full speed forward or fly upward at one-third of the distance. A gricket can also use its legs to create chirping noise to warn of danger. The chirping is audible up to 200 feet.

These insects use their long antennae to detect prey up to a distance of 90 feet. Although they can sense hidden and invisible creatures, they cannot ascertain their exact locations.

In melee combat, a gricket bites its victims for 1d4 damage.

Certain cultures have domesticated grickets to use as guardians. Small humanoids (e.g., goblins or sprites) can ride them as steeds, but the gricket loses its ability to fly.

Grickets thrive in plains, forests, and marshlands. Groups of two to twelve are commonly spotted. They are omnivorous and eat decaying plants, seedlings, and certain fungi. However, they are also known to scavenge the corpses of animals and even hunt and kill small prey. Males and females have the same general characteristics. Young grickets cannot fight, but they can chirp and fly.