Izoren (Forge)

Hit Points 50 +3d10
DV1 / DV2 8 / 8
Attack Value 10
# Attacks Special
Weapon Type Electricity
Damage Special
Saving Throws 5+
Speed Fly (3)

Izoren are evil-tempered diabolical monsters. Their bodies are spherical, four feet in diameter, and covered with thick, armor-like plates and long quills. Although the quills appear threatening, the protrusions are only the monster’s visual and digestive organs and cause no physical damage. 

Their visual organs allow them to see in all directions up to 100 feet with undead vision. They can detect hidden and invisible creatures at one-half the range. Izorens cannot be surprised.

These monsters move about using levitation, always remaining three to five feet from the ground. Izoren are intelligent, extremely cunning, and wander in a continual hunt for prey. Once an izoren dies, its levitation automatically fails, and its body falls to the ground.

To kill prey, izoren discharge bolts of electricity at victims within 80 feet. These electrical attacks require a d20 attack roll, but the monster need only strike a victim’s DV2. During each combat turn, an izoren can discharge up to 8d4 actual damage. This damage can be one blast or divided into multiple bolts aimed at different targets.

When attacked by missile weapons, an izoren can discharge a d4 bolt of electricity to destroy an incoming missile weapon.

Izoren are immune to magical spells, but weapons inflict normal damage.

After killing a victim, the beast lowers its body so that its large quills impale the corpse. The monster then drains the victim’s blood and minerals to use as sustenance.

There are no male or female izoren. The creatures are asexual. All encounters have been with full-grown specimens.

Although highly intelligent, izorens do not speak or communicate. They live in swamps and wilderness areas. Reports suggest that these creatures are solitary by nature.