Jackal (Forge)

Hit Points 7 + 1d4
DV1 / DV2 1 / 1
Attack Value 1
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Bite
Damage 1d4
Saving Throws 13+
Speed Walk (2) / Run (10) / Sprint (35)

Jackals are small canines that are two feet at the shoulder, four feet long, and weigh twenty-five pounds. Their course fur is yellow with brown tips. They have large ears and sharp fangs, making them adequate hunters. Jackals can track (75%) and always pursue wounded prey. Male and female jackals have the same general characteristics.

These canines are cowardly and afraid of fire. They try to overwhelm adversaries, and up to four jackals will focus on one victim. Their bite attack inflicts 1d4 damage. If reduced to fewer than 4 hit points, it will flee combat.

They live in plains and rocky hills, making their dens in rocky crevices or hollows. Jackals are omnivores that hunt during the day. They eat small mammals, plant life, and carrion. They travel in packs ranging between three and twelve. In large numbers, jackals are brave, but as solitary animals, they shun combat with large animals and humanoids. When defending their young, female jackals gain a +1 AV modifier. Young jackals cannot fight.