Lightning Bug (Forge)

Hit Points 12 + 1d4
DV1 / DV2 3 / 3
Attack Value 2
# Attacks 1
Weapon Type Electrical Burst
Damage 1d4 (actual)
Saving Throws 14+
Speed Walk (1) / Fly (4)

Lightning bugs are four feet long and one foot wide. Their soft carapaces are black with splotches of yellow. They have wings but are slow and clumsy fliers. Lightning bugs are not afraid of fire. They can detect movement at a range of 90 feet.

These creatures are aggressive hunters of slugs, worms, and snails. When animals or humanoids enter their hunting grounds, lightning bugs defend their territory by emitting a burst of lightning. These bugs can emit an electrical burst every three combat turns.

A lightning bug must make a d20 attack roll and successfully strike its target’s DV2. If successful, the lightning bolt inflicts 1d4 points of actual damage.

Lightning bugs live in forests, swamps, and grasslands near water. They travel in packs of three to nine and communally protect their hunting grounds.