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  • The Megalo-Huge Dungeon Blog (Part 3)

    Managing Player Expectations As I placed monsters on my dungeon’s first level, I started to compare the strength of certain creatures to the characters that […]

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  • The Megalo-Huge Dungeon Blog (Part 2)

    It is time to start filling my first level dungeon with monsters. As I designed the level, I had already created special […]

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  • The Megalo-Huge Dungeon

    So, I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and decided that I was going to create a dwarven dungeon. The […]

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Latest Updates (2/25)

New Patreon Adventures
Nurami’s Retreat
Trapped at Safe Haven
Harkin’s Tomb

New Archive Map
Murders in the Shallows

New Monsters
Lumbering Corpse (5e)
Lumbering Corpse (AD&D)
Alguu (Forge)
Alligator (Forge)
Ant, Giant (Forge)
Ape (Forge)
Badger (Forge)
Baneful Steed (Forge)
Barracuda (Forge)
Bear (Forge)
Beaver (Forge)
Beetle (Forge)


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